A couple of years ago, I visited a dear friend who was fighting for her young life.  At just forty years old with three beautiful kids and a wonderful husband, cancer was in several areas of her body.  It was mid-January, and she was having a good week between treatments.  We were able to visit … [Read more…]


Most of the blog posts here have been about recipes and food and family events.  Today, my husband Darren shares his thoughts. About 5 years ago, I was hit with the reality that I had only 8 summers left before Kathryn and and Landry enroll in college.  We were not so good about taking family vacations … [Read more…]

Memories of Mom

After a short, very difficult battle with cancer, my mom went home to be with her Savior in December, 2009.  When I think of my mom, besides her favorite scriptures, I think of her cooking.  I remember getting off of the bus on Wednesdays, greeted with the smells of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. … [Read more…]

Life and Love

Last week, we were able to be a part of the memorial and funeral services for Darren’s grandfather, aka Papo.  (Yes, it’s spelled with an “o” and not “aw”.  There’s a whole other story there.)  We spent a couple of days reminiscing with Darren’s family and reflecting on life and death.  For me, it was … [Read more…]

African Safari

We spent the last few days of our time in Kenya on a safari!  This was definitely a highlight for the family!  Jonah and Landry, being boys, loved all things about seeing the animals in their natural environment, especially when they saw things like lions eating zebras and vultures eating wildebeests.  Kathryn, being the Disney … [Read more…]