Life and Love

Last week, we were able to be a part of the memorial and funeral services for Darren’s grandfather, aka Papo.  (Yes, it’s spelled with an “o” and not “aw”.  There’s a whole other story there.)  We spent a couple of days reminiscing with Darren’s family and reflecting on life and death.  For me, it was … [Read more…]

African Safari

We spent the last few days of our time in Kenya on a safari!  This was definitely a highlight for the family!  Jonah and Landry, being boys, loved all things about seeing the animals in their natural environment, especially when they saw things like lions eating zebras and vultures eating wildebeests.  Kathryn, being the Disney … [Read more…]

Overview – Mercy House Vision Trip

As we process all that we’ve seen and experienced on the recent trip to Kenya, we wanted to give you a quick overview with pictures.  More details will follow soon, hopefully.  Thanks, to all who prayed with us for this trip.  It was an amazing experience for our family.