Kathryn and Landry’s 16th Birthday

It’s been kind of a whirlwind month with all of the birthdays in our family, but it’s been fun (and emotional).  Our twins turned 16!  When they were connected to tubes and alarms in the NICU, we could only look ahead to the next feeding and making sure they were eating enough.  Now, we’re looking at colleges in a couple of years!

Here are a few of the pictures I looked at this year as we celebrated Kathryn and Landry.  It’s always good to look back and see God’s faithfulness!  They are definitely our miracles.

Kathryn 2/15/01

Landry 2/15/01

Kathryn and Landry about a week old


Kathryn and Landry about 18 months

Landry and Kathryn age 16 2/15/2017

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