A Hospital Without Flies

Last weekend, our family had the privilege to attend the Mercy House Gala.  Darren and I attended last year; but this year, the kids insisted that they go as well.  They had been counting down the weeks and days to the gala.  I’m not sure it’s normal for two 15 year olds and a 10 year old to want to go to a gala or not, but they were excited.  (We’ve never claimed to be normal.)


We took a quick road trip south, got dressed at the hotel, and headed to the beautiful venue.  After checking in, it didn’t take long for the excitement to grow as we walked around and looked at the silent auction items.  Having cousins with us made it even better.  (Thanks, Neva and Darwin!)


As we walked around and looked, several items caught our attention.  We began bidding on a few items that caught our attention, but we were all surprised by the final items.  All of five of us literally stopped in our tracks when we saw a beautiful painting.  We all, at almost the same time, said,  “Isn’t that Lavine?”  “That’s Lavine!”  It was an amazing rendering of one of the portraits Darren took while we were in Kenya.


Lavine is a young mom currently residing at Mercy House in Kenya.  When we were there in July, we were able to walk through the slum to her home, where we met her mother.  Lavine had given birth to Isaac just the week before we arrived.  She walked with us all the way down that slick, steep walk.  As we talked to her mother in that extremely small home, the pride for her daughter and grandson was evident.  We talked, through an interpreter, about this daughter and how she is being cared for at Mercy House.  Lavine’s mother expressed her gratitude in a way that we’ll never forget.  She said that she was glad that her grandson was born in a hospital without flies.  That phrase, a hospital without flies, continues to impact us and reminds us of the value of the work of Mercy House.  Because of Mercy House, Lavine and Isaac were in a safe, sanitary hospital.

Yes, we won that auction bid.  Winning bid?  It’s priceless to this family.  The boys were anxious to help carry the items to the van then help decide where to hang them in our home.  That’s also priceless and makes this mama’s heart proud.  The package also included another beautiful painting of the continent of Africa with the words of Micah 6:8 written around it.


Besides having a fun night with family, we’re grateful for another opportunity, as a family, to learn more about Mercy House.  Our hearts are full and challenged!   It’s a bonus when we get to see great friends!

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To read more about how Kristen shared about Mercy House Global, read her gala blog post.  If you’d like more information, any one of our family would be happy to share with you about how Mercy House Global is changing lives like Lavine and Isaac in Kenya.

Watch the video shown at the gala here.


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